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Press release | 01.10.2015

Jörn Holst, who has recently joined German Dry Docks in the capacity of Technical Director, has been working in the shipbuilding- and engine technology industries since 1983.

He completed his training with Seebeck Werft AG (Seebeck Ship Yard ) in Bremerhaven after spending some time at sea. He then took up studies at Hochschule Bremerhaven from which he graduated (with a CI patent) before working as Service-Engineer at MAN Diesel in Turbo in Augsburg, Germany in the fields of Marine and Powerplant Applications. Five years later, he transferred to group-management of technical service. Another four years, he took over the management of technical service MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Augsburg, a mission he was committed to for the next nine years.

During the course of his career, Jörn Holst acquired a multitude of practical experience, not to be limited to metal works, assembly and repair but likewise in the areas of maintenance/service at the ship- and engine- operations as well as the management of large-scale projects. Profound knowledge in fields of contractual negotiations, personnel management/leadership and business management are further competences of Jörn Holst.

One of his greatest achievements so far is to have earned the trust and reputation of a bonafide and competent counterpart with an expertise in engine technology, corporate strategy and leadership.

Jörn Holst strengths are his “hands-on“ mentality, sincerity, his forthrightness, swift pace and decisiveness. These characteristics blend well with his motivation to join German Dry Docks as he sees German Dry Docks as a well-managed, young and fast-emerging enterprise with great potential for  growth and freedom to get actively involved in. In addition, to him, a feeling of “coming home“ resonates.

For German Dry Docks, Jörn Holst sees particular growth in decentralisation and medium-term internationalisation of the ship yard‘s enterprise through the expansion of the product portfolio around core competencies such as engine technology, retrofits and electronic engineering. His vision: to help develop German Dry Docks mid-term to become no. 1 in ship repair, maintenance, retrofits and specialty modifications.

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