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Press release | 01.11.2016
MWB POWER GOES ROTTERDAM − Full service on site − in cooperation with Rotterdam Ship Repair

Since October 2016, MWB Power from Bremerhaven has been represented with a subsidiary at Europe's largest deep water port. Hand in hand with Rotterdam Ship Repair, MWB Power Rotterdam covers the entire range of ship and engine repairs on site.

The year 2016 marks a new era in the history of the traditional company. After more than 50 years at the Bremerhaven site, MWB AG has not just been renamed MWB Power. In addition to the new powerful name, the branch office in Rotterdam now represents a second location which connects the specialist for engines and drive systems even more closely with its international customers. A key advantage of the location is that Rotterdam is already home to Rotterdam Ship Repair, a company of the German Dry Docks Group which also owns MWB Power. "Due to our relationship with Rotterdam Ship Repair, we have an excellent market access in the Rotterdam harbour area. We want to make lasting use of this advantage,” emphasizes Jörn Holst, Technical Director at MWB Power and German Dry Docks.

The management of MWB Power Rotterdam is in the hands of Peter Kisslinger. "The potential offered by Rotterdam is enormous, this applies to the 2-stroke as well as the 4-stroke range," he describes the prospects at the new location. "With our MWB Power Competence, which covers the entire range of diesel engines, we can be service partners for entire fleets, no matter what type of engine is installed on the individual vessel units." Kisslinger, too, sees a decisive competitive advantage in the cooperation with Rotterdam Ship Repair: "Our Rotterdam partners have a huge customer and supplier network - an ideal prerequisite for our project." In his estimate, "MWB Power Rotterdam is already able to offer a wide range of services. We have the ambitious goal of being fully operational by the middle of 2017."

24/7 Service in a 24/7 port
With MWB Power, Rotterdam gets a German 'element', which is highly valued by the ship owners. Also Leo Baks, Managing Director of Rotterdam Ship Repair, is convinced of this. "MWB is a well-known brand in Germany and far beyond.  I am certain that not only German customers will appreciate being able to get German quality work here in Rotterdam. And we add our Dutch craftsmanship to it. A perfect Dutch-German combination. " At the same time, Baks underlines the particularity of this port: "Rotterdam is an absolute 24/7 port. So a 24/7 service is in demand here. And that's exactly what MWB Power and Rotterdam Ship Repair offer. "

On site, MWB Power Rotterdam is the 24/7 service partner for all tasks related to motors and drive systems. The branch repairs and overhauls all 2- and 4-stroke engines, radiators, turbochargers, transmissions, speed controllers and injection systems. In addition, the portfolio includes the installation of new diesel and gas engines as well as conversions to environmentally-friendly LNG fuel. Together with Rotterdam Ship Repair, MWB Power also covers all mobile marine and engine repairs - not only in the port of Rotterdam, but worldwide.

MWB Power, formerly MWB AG, stands for more than 50 years of experience in engines and marine propulsion. The headquarters are in Bremerhaven. The establishment of MWB Power Rotterdam represents the first foreign subsidiary of the company. MWB Power is a company of the German Dry Docks Group.

Rotterdam Ship Repair B.V. is one of the leading suppliers of ship repair in the Netherlands. The company specializes in the repair of drive systems and steel. A variety of services complement the portfolio. The company location Rotterdam is the largest seaport of the Netherlands and the third largest in the world. Rotterdam Ship Repair belongs to German Dry Docks and is therefore also part of the German Dry Docks Group.

MWB Power Rotterdam Peter Kisslinger, Mobile +31 62 9349168,
Rotterdam Ship Repair Leo Baks, Mobile +31 62 5053401,
Ophemertstraat 56, 3089 JE Rotterdam, Waalhaven, Pier 8, Port no.: 2520 - 2521

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