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Press release | 10.03.2016

Buss Shipping will retrofit the two 1025 TEU container ships "Corsar" and "Condor" at German Dry Docks with Alfa Laval PureSOx 2.0 Hybrid flue gas scrubbers in March 2016. A special focus in the development of the concept was on a high pre-retrofitting depth and compactness as well as the minimum possible changes in the interior of the vessel.

The project has model character for everyone involved. It shows a smart approach to retrofitting feeder vessels with modern systems for flue gas scrubbing. Space, time and cost savings in the retrofit can be implemented while simultaneously meeting the latest MARPOL regulations. Similar projects will benefit from the detailed experience and know-how transfer between the companies in the future.

Customized engineering
The design concept was developed together with SDC Ship Design & Consult. The advantages of the advanced and more compact PureSOx 2.0 system could be used to accommodate the various components of the hybrid system on the two ships appropriately. Thus the scrubber unit is installed in an expansion of the chimney. All other components, such as pumps, tanks and cleaning units are housed centrally in a new space on the container deck. This new space corresponds to container height. All new sections are pre-fitted to the greatest possible extent. Thus, the shipyard can limit the stay of the two ships to two weeks.

German Dry Docks has already successfully installed seven scrubbers since mid-2014. Thanks to its capacities, the Bremerhaven shipyard is optimally equipped for the parallel retrofit of the ships "Condor" and "Corsar“ and  is planning to implement the concept on other feeder vessels as well.

Buss Shipping is the youngest division of the Hamburg Buss Group. By establishing  Buss Shipping in 2009, Buss expanded its divisions to its own shipping company. The core business is in the range of container ships. Another focus is on the development of new ship construction projects. Here, the shipping company makes use of its close contacts to first class shipyards and ship financing banks.

SDC Ship Design & Consult GmbH is based in Hamburg and specializes as a consulting company in the shipping industry. The focus is on technical services around the construction of ships, boats, machinery and other products.

Alfa Laval AB based in Lund/Sweden is a globally leading provider of products and specialized engineering solutions that are based on the key technologies of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. Using innovative components, industry-specific equipment and systems, Alfa Laval supports companies in the efficient and sustainable performance optimization of their processes. Shipbuilding is one of the core sectors.

German Dry Docks is located in the "Kaiserhafen” of Bremerhaven. With 6 docks and 1,600 m pier, we can provide extensive and versatile capabilities for the repair of ships of all types and sizes.

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