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Press release | 10.03.2016

On 29 February 2016 the world‘s largest seaworthy museum cargo ship docks at German Dry Docks in Bremerhaven for a regular class renewal. Hamburg’s floating legend is accompanied by a camera crew of the NDR.

The CAP SAN DIEGO belongs to Hamburg just like the Michel or the Speicherstadt. Until the early 1980s, the cargo ship which was finished in 1962, primarily travelled the South America route for the shipping company Hamburg Süd. Since 2003, the elegant beauty has been a maritime monument: the largest seaworthy museum cargo ship in the world! With her aesthetic silhouette of a bygone era of merchant shipping, the CAP SAN DIEGO characterises the panorama of Hamburg’s harbour like no other ship. The owner is the foundation Hamburger Admiralität. In order to actively participate in maritime traffic, the ship undergoes a so-called “class renewal“ every 5 years.

“If the Hamburgers give their landmark into our hands in Bremerhaven, it is an expression of a very special trust,“ emphasises Guido Försterling, CEO of German Dry Docks. "This trust speaks for our philosophy to be committed not only to innovation but also to tradition. We consider it an honour to have this historical treasure in the dock. Our people are looking forward to working on such a legend – with all due respect."

During the docking time of approximately three weeks from 29 February to 22 March 2016, the repair specialists must work through a list of more than 200 tasks. Among other things, steel surfaces have to be replaced, tanks and bilges cleaned, repaired and conserved. The moving parts of the loading gear are maintained and tested. The same applies to the lifeboat davits and both gangways. The entire hull is subjected to thickness measuring in order to continue to ensure the safety of the ship. A complete repainting above and below the waterline rounds off the overhaul.

The investment volume amounts to approximately 1 million Euros. 40 percent of this amount comes from the federal preservation order programme. 60 percent is carried by the donor-supported foundation. After the classification by Germanischer Lloyd, it is once again "Full speed ahead!" for the CAP SAN DIEGO. Guest trips to Kiel, Wismar, Helgoland, Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven as well as the participation in the Arrival Parade of the Hamburg Port Festival are among the highlights of the annual vessel calendar.

The NDR demonstrates the high public interest in the CAP SAN DIEGO. A camera crew from ZDF will capture live images when the ship docks on 29 February at 7am.

CAP SAN DIEGO Specifications

  • Built in 1961/62 at Deutsche Werft Hamburg as the last of the six Cap San ships (sister ships: Cap San Augustin, Cap San Marco, Cap San Nicolas, Cap San Antonio, Cap San Lorenzo)
  • Gross Registered Tonnes 9998 GRT
  • Beam 21.47 m
  • Length 159.4 m
  • Max. Draught 8.43 m

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