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Press release | 05.08.2016

A new, efficient ship repair firm has been formed in Bremerhaven with the merger of German Dry Docks GmbH & Co. KG (GDD) and MWB Motorenwerke Bremerhaven AG (MWB): German Dry Docks AG, with its business division MWB Power.

“Pooling our skills will allow us to offer our customers the complete package of services for ships and propulsion systems even more efficiently than before,” says GDD’s CEO Guido Försterling, explaining the merger of the former partner firms. The new German Dry Docks Aktiengesellschaft will employ 183 people. It has access to nine docks in Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven. Bremerhaven’s nautical experts see the merger as a response to the rapidly growing challenges on the international market for maintenance, servicing, repair and conversion of ships. “Because of the persistent cost pressure in shipping, ship owners expect fast and efficient service,” says Försterling. MWB and GDD were already well-placed with their partnership-based collaboration, but “now our structures are even more streamlined.”

Within the new firm, the two previously independent companies will have an even more concretely defined profile. German Dry Docks will continue its well-known, tried-and-tested portfolio of services concerning docking, repair and retrofitting. The “Engines and Machine Technology” division will now function under the brand logo of MWB Power. “This clear brand profile makes our competencies immediately identifiable on the global market,” says Försterling, explaining the strategy.

German Dry Docks AG: streamlined structures, efficient services

The people behind German Dry Docks AG are Bremerhaven-based shipbuilding families Petram and Rönner. Dieter Petram took over Motorenwerke Bremerhaven – which was state-owned at the time – in the 1990s, and has expanded it to form a highly successful shipbuilding firm. It was at his initiative that long-standing Rickmers Lloyd Dockbetrieb and MWB Schiffstechnik merged to form the present-day German Dry Docks GmbH & Co. KG. Petram’s daughter Nadine now manages the shipbuilding group, having gained experience working for other shipbuilding companies. The qualified industrial engineer has taken the chair of the Supervisory Board of the new German Dry Docks AG.

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