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Press release | 25.09.2015

With their collaboration, the specialists from Bremerhaven and Rotterdam establish a complete service network for harbour and voyage repairs along the Dutch and German coast.

“Gemeinsam. Gemeenschappelijk. Together” is the future slogan of both companies from the traditional port cities. The share acquisition of German Dry Docks (GDD) from Bremerhaven over Rotterdam Ship Repair (RSR) lifts the previous cooperation “to a new level of partnership” – emphasizes Mr. Guido Försterling, Managing Director of GDD. ”We have been working together for a long time. Our teams work together in perfect harmony. That formed the starting point for the idea of the acquisition. Thus, we create the framework conditions to organize that what actually functioned well in the past, in an even more target-oriented way.”

Both companies are family-owned. “This welds us together, too”, adds Mr. Leo Baks, CEO of RSR. He also underlines the potential benefits for the international customers: “The know-how transfer is not everything. In the future, we can better coordinate and synchronize all the processes. We offer efficient services, wherever your ship may be and our competences complement each other ideally. Together we can organize all possible repairs on ships, engines, machines and installations within the shortest time. This saves time as well as money, which above all, is the most valuable asset for our customers. As regards to engines and governor techniques our customers profit from the cooperation of the two companies with MWB”.

The takeover of shares is implemented by way of GDD’s investments in RSR in two steps of 50% each. Rotterdam Ship Repair B.V. was founded on 2nd January 2012 and is among the leading providers of ship repairs in the Netherlands. The company employs 21 employees and is specialised in the repair of propulsion systems and steel works. Diverse services complement the portfolio. The company is located in the port center of Rotterdam, which is the largest seaport in the Netherlands and the third biggest in the world.

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